Vanuit The Western Shore of Lake Michigan , Amerika, zijn de mannen en vrouwen vertrokken naar Europa. Eerst naar het super grote festival van Falmouth in Engeland en dan gelijk door naar Giethoorn. ze schrijven zelf:
We are beyond excited to announce that we have been invited to participate in The 2nd International Folk & Shanty Festival, in Giethoorn, Netherlands! This will be our first appearance at this festival and we are counting the days until we depart. If you are in the area (and we know some of you are), make sure you come by and enjoy the Folk Cafe on Friday, a full festival day on Saturday followed by a gala in the evening, and then another full day of folk and shanty tunes on Sunday. Music and merriment will occur throughout Giethoorn with performances in restaurants, museums and local businesses. What better way to get to know one another than by joining together in spirit and song all over town!
To learn more about this exciting event, click here!

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